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CSD: Store Your Gold Bullion in One of Our Secure Safe Deposit Boxes

About CSD

The state of the art facility has been created under the strict guidelines of the Crime Prevention Services including:-

  • European certified free-standing six-sided vaults
  • Anti-ballistic
  • Fire proof
  • Seismic sensors
  • Grade 4 alarm systems
  • 24 hour in house and remotely monitored CCTV
  • Multiple layers of security

These features have earned the company a ‘Secure by Design’ accreditation from the Crime Prevention Service.

Bullion Storage

Gold and Silver Bullion are popular with investors all over the world and many financial experts encourage the use of gold and silver in investment portfolios.

Cardiff Safe Deposit's Boxes offer a premium solution to your storage needs for gold and silver.  Our Bullion Storage Safe Deposit Boxes  offer fully secure storage storage from 1oz of gold to 1 tonne of silver, so you can be confident your investment portfolio is protected and your wealth preserved.

We at CSD have a very strong and long term background in the Bullion and Jewellery industry and understand the sense of security an individual or business seeks for their precious & prized possessions. We operate retail locations dealing with precious metals including jewellery and bullion.

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Bristol Safe Deposit Box Rentals From £45

*Minimum term for the complimentary insurance is

1 year and is offered for the first year only. Insurance does not include wear cover.