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Money Safe Cardiff


Reasons Why You Need a Money Safe Cardiff

Keeping cash in your home or business puts you at risk to theft, fire or flooding.  Why not keep your cash in one of our secure safe deposit boxes.


At CSD, we provide the best possible physical and digital security is at the heart of Cardiff Safe Deposit.

Our Cash storage Cardiff service allows you to rest assured that your will and belonings are safe and secure.


The facility is equipped with various physical and digital security features including but not limited to:

  • European certified free-standing six-sided vaults
  • Anti-ballistic
  • Fire proof
  • Seismic sensors
  • Grade 4 alarm systems
  • 24 hour in house and remotely monitored CCTV
  • Multiple layers of security

Surrounded by 3 Police Stations within 1 Mile Radius

Our location is minutes away from 3 Police Stations.  Whilst we plan on never needing them, you can be assured that through our internal security and the police presence, your valuables will always stay safe.

Concerned about bringing you valuables alone?

For a small fee, we offer a pick up / drop off service. Our trained security officer will escort you and your valuables in our vehicle to/from our secured premises. This service is available only to our existing clients.

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Box Rentals From £45

*Minimum term for the complimentary insurance is 1 year and is offered for the first year only.  Insurance does not include wear cover.