Rising crime in the UK

The latest report from the Office of National Statistics shows that there has been an increase in recorded crime of 10%, which is the biggest annual rise for over a decade.

Even more disturbing is that there has been an 18% increase in violent crime and gun and knife crimes have risen by 20%.

These increasing incidences of crime are nationwide and cross all demographics so there’s no geographical location or age group that’s exempt from the rising tide of criminal activity across the UK.

Crime on the increase

There are, as yet, no clear reasons for this accelerating crime wave. The record of hate crimes suggests that part of the increase may relate to post-Brexit responses to ‘foreigners’. Many more young people say they are carrying knives because they believe they need to protect themselves, and about a quarter of these knife-carrying youths are involved in gang activity. However, a significant factor may be that police numbers have fallen steadily in the past decade, with a further 924 officers being lost in the past twelve months, meaning that the UK has the least number of police officers since 1985. Police staffing has fallen by 20,000 since 2010.

How to protect yourself from crime

If police numbers decline and more people are exposed to the risk of crime, what can we do to ensure we protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our belongings, from the threat?

Professional thieves often keep a watch on your behaviour and know when you are vulnerable, so there are simple, sensible precautions to follow, including: not leaving valuables on show, never leaving your house or car unlocked and keeping high value items in a safe deposit box such as those offered by Cardiff Safe Deposit.

How a safe deposit box helps keep you safe

There are three reasons that storing valuables in a safe deposit box can help keep you and your family safe from crime:

1.     If high value items are not on display, they do not tempt the professional thief

2.     Opportunistic thieves will grab and run, so if there is nothing to grab, they usually leave empty-handed

3.     Your own demeanour and levels of confidence will change if you are no longer worrying about the safety of valuable items. Street crime - such as mugging - is often related to nervous or tense body language, so having a confident, positive manner may actually protect you from violent crime!

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