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CSD: The Most Secure Safe Deposit Box Facility Welcomes All Oxford Customers

Avon & Somerset Police Recommend People Store their Valuables Away From Their Home

A quote from the Avon and Somerset Police webite states:

We are calling on everyone across Avon and Somerset to take extra care of their jewellery and valuables.

There have been a number of burglaries across Bristol and South Gloucestershire in the past month, where thieves have targeted homes because they believe there is valuable jewellery or high value gold inside.

To keep your home and belongings safe, follow these steps:

Bristol Community Liaison Officer PC Keith Openshaw, QPM, said: “Many people have precious jewellery and gold items in their homes, some of which are family heirlooms, handed down through generations. Unfortunately, burglars are aware of cultural traditions and they do not hold them sacred. They know that they can sell on high quality gold for large sums of cash, with relative ease and anonymity. Of course, these items of jewellery have a very high sentimental value and if they’re stolen, the victims may feel as though they have lost part of their family history."

CSD is Your Safest & Best Option

Our state of the art facility has been created under the strict guidelines of the Crime Prevention Services including:-

  • European certified free-standing six-sided vaults
  • Anti-ballistic
  • Fire proof
  • Seismic sensors
  • Grade 4 alarm systems
  • 24 hour in house and remotely monitored CCTV
  • Multiple layers of security

These features have earned the company a ‘Secure by Design’ accreditation from the Crime Prevention Service.

Choice of Safe Deposit Box Oxford to Suit Your Needs

Our facility offers various box sizes to suit all client requirements.

The smaller boxes are ideal for the storage of jewellery, cash, valuable coins and computer back-up discs.

The mid-range boxes are designed to keep papers, house deeds and other important documents.

The larger boxes are ideal to hold larger amounts of paperwork and artwork which need to be stored securely.  

We are also the only safe deposit box facility to offer high security private walk-in vaults for the storage of fine Art and valuable furniture.

We at CSD have a very strong and long term background in the Bullion and Jewellery industry and understand the sense of security an individual or business seeks for their precious & prized possessions. We operate retail locations dealing with precious metals including jewellery and bullion.

Only 44 miles from Oxford, CSD is one of the closest Safe Deposit Facility to the Oxfordshire Area.  Great Prices, Great Service and all the security you need to keep your valuables safe

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Bristol Safe Deposit Box Rentals From £45

*Minimum term for the complimentary insurance is

1 year and is offered for the first year only. Insurance does not include wear cover.