Should you store valuable jewellery in a safe deposit box?

There are few things more traumatic than a break in at your home, and the theft of high value and sentimental items will only make the situation worse. The loss of expensive jewellery and family heirlooms is something no-one should ever have to face, which is why the best and most secure place for your valuable jewellery is a safe deposit box.

Companies offering safe deposit box facilities are now available all over the country, giving the highest level of security to their customers. They offer a way to safely store your valuables and jewellery whilst still being able to access them at any time.

Why you need to protect your valuables

In 2016, there were over 660,000 recorded cases of burglary in the UK. High value and sentimental pieces of jewellery such as wedding rings are highly sought after by burglars in the event of a break in. No matter how safe you believe your particular hiding place to be, from the inside of the biscuit jar to sewn into the lining of curtains, experienced thieves are likely to be able to find it. Whilst keeping your valuable jewellery at home means you have access to it whenever you like, it is at high risk of loss or theft, and insurance is likely to cost more.

The benefits of safe deposit boxes

Safe deposit boxes are the best way of keeping your valuable jewellery secure and protected. Companies offer excellent security procedures and features to ensure the maximum safety of your items. Safe deposit box companies will require customers to set up an account to use their facilities, which will usually include picture identification for anyone wishing to retrieve their box.

Boxes can be accessed at any time during the companies’ opening hours, and some may even be able to open at other times should the need arise. Many companies offer late opening hours and are open 7 days a week for customers to access their boxes.

Safe deposit box companies have basic insurance built into the rental cost of the boxes, but additional insurance can be purchased for high value items of jewellery and precious stones, giving you full peace of mind. Boxes come in all sizes, so you will be able to store both small and large pieces in your box. In addition, company employees undergo enhanced CRB and staff vetting checks, meaning there really is no safer place for your jewellery that a safe deposit box.

For more information please contact Cardiff Safe Deposit where prices start at £99 a year and they will ensure your jewellery is always protected.